10 Holiday Activities The Whole Family Will Love

November 28, 2020

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The holidays are just around the corner and with them come the joy and fun of the holiday season. While the holidays may look a bit different this year without neighborhood gatherings or holiday parades to attend, there is still plenty of seasonal cheer to be found both at home and around town. 

Check out some of the fun holiday activities the whole family can enjoy this season. 

Holiday Activities the Whole Family Will Love

1. Decorate Holiday Cookies

When it comes to finding holiday activities for the family, including some sweet treats in the mix is a must. Decorating holiday cookies is a great way to get creative while enjoying a holiday treat. From baking the cookies to icing and decorating however you choose, it’s a great way to spend a few hours with your kids. 

2. Check Out the Lights

One of the most magical parts of the holiday season is seeing houses transformed with lights and decorations. Take a walk or drive around the neighborhood to find the most decked-out houses. You may also be able to find holiday lights tours that offer walking or driving tours to see thousands of lights displayed for the season.

3. Give Back Together

The holidays are about more than just receiving. As you find holiday activities for your family to enjoy this year, consider doing something to give back to your community or those in need. 

Sit down with your children to think of ways you can give back to others, whether it’s donating to a toy drive, dropping off homemade baked goods at a nursing home, or participating in a food drive. 

4. Make a Gingerbread House

Gingerbread houses are a classic staple of the holiday season. While there are plenty of kits available to help you make a picture-perfect gingerbread house, you can also challenge the family to a competition to see who can create the best gingerbread house from scratch. 

5. Create a Holiday Playlist

Nothing spreads holiday cheer quite like music. Create a playlist of the whole family’s favorite holiday songs and enjoy together while drinking hot cocoa or having a dance party. 

6. Decorate Your Home

Get in the holiday spirit by having the whole family chip in with decorating the house. You can work together to create sweet homemade decorations, like a centerpiece for the Thanksgiving or holiday dinner table, DIY garlands, paper snowflakes, or even wrap the kids’ bedroom doors to look like presents

7. Host a Holiday Movie Marathon

With all of the excitement, preparation, and fun, the holidays can be exhausting. Take some time to relax with your family by hosting a holiday movie marathon. In need of some inspiration? Check out this list of kid-friendly holiday movies

8. Bake Treats for the Neighbors

While it can be tempting to keep all of the delicious holiday treats to yourselves, spread the holiday cheer to those around your family by baking treats for your neighbors. You may not be able to enjoy the holiday season with them like you normally would, but you can let them know your family is thinking of them with a sweet gift left at their front doors. 

9. Write Letters to Santa

One of the classic holiday activities is writing a letter to Santa. Share some of the joy of your child bubbling with anticipation for the arrival of Christmas morning by sitting down with them as they write their wish list to Santa. It’s also a good chance for little ones to practice their writing.

If your family doesn’t celebrate Christmas, you can still sit down together to write a holiday present wishlist or brainstorm ways you can give back to your community and loved ones during the holiday season.

10. Have a Holiday Scavenger Hunt

We may need to stay socially distant this holiday season, but that doesn’t mean kids can’t enjoy holiday activities around the neighborhood or with their friends. One fun way to bring the neighborhood together is with a fun (and socially-distanced) holiday scavenger hunt. Gather a few families to compete against each other and have the kids search for various holiday-themed items around the neighborhood. 

Some finds could include twinkling holiday lights, a decorated mailbox, an inflatable Santa, and a poinsettia. You can also have a holiday scavenger hunt at home

Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

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