6 Instagram Accounts To Follow For New And Expecting Moms

November 30, 2022

New and expecting moms often acknowledge there is a lot to know about pregnancy, being a mom, and everything in between. Instagram is an excellent resource for learning as you go, as it offers information on various topics including health, nutrition, your growing baby, navigating the chaos, and so much more!

Instagram Accounts For New And Expecting Moms

What better way to retrieve information regarding pregnancy and motherhood than connecting with others going through similar experiences? Holly Springs Pediatrics has compiled a list of 6 Instagram accounts to follow for new and expecting moms. 

  1. Hey Sleepy Baby — @heysleepybaby 

Hey Sleepy Baby is an Instagram account run by pediatric sleep scientist Rachael, who helps parents ditch the stress around toddlers’ sleep. She provides tips, tricks, and explanations behind sleep strategies such as sleep intervention, night terrors, sleep schedules, nighttime routines, and so much more! This Instagram account for new and expecting moms also links to several different helpful resources such as webinars, email courses, and consultations. 

  1. Yummy Toddler Food — @yummytoddlerfood

If you’re dealing with a picky eater,  we’ve got you covered. Yummy Toddler Food, run by Amy Palanjian, offers daily kids recipes that the whole family can enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a way to supplement vegetables into your child’s diet or healthy alternatives, this account for new and expecting moms has you covered! You can also find cookbooks for picky eaters, family meals, toddler snacks, and other recipes on her website. 

  1. Taking Cara Babies — @takingcarababies

Neonatal nurse and wife to a pediatrician, Cara, focuses on helping babies sleep and families thrive. As a mother of four, this seasoned sleep-professional answers questions and provides tips and tricks on sleep progression, crib crawling, separation anxiety, and general baby hacks!  Cara also offers online baby sleep classes, a toddler bedtime routine chart, and a collection of her favorite sleep products. 

  1. Mommy Labor Nurse — @mommy.labornurse

This one is for all those expecting moms out there! Looking for a fun way to educate yourself on childbirth? Labor and delivery nurse, Liesel Teen, is here to help. Not only does she run through the first, second, and third trimesters of pregnancy, but she also offers tips and advice for the many phases of labor and essentially every part of the birth process. For birth classes, freebies, or extra resources, visit her website.

  1. Mommy’s Bundle — @mommysbundle

If you’re looking for postpartum and motherhood support, look no further than mommy’s bundle. Postpartum doula, Ana, helps new mothers learn how to prioritize ongoing care, manage the emotional rollercoasters of motherhood, and find extra support. If you’re struggling with feeling lost in motherhood, head to her Instagram to learn more about postpartum needs in an accommodating and creative way.  

  1. Move Your Bump — @moveyourbump

Are you itching to get back into your workout routine? Move your bump is a great Instagram account for new and expecting moms who are looking for pregnancy-safe exercises or a postpartum routine. Each post can help to inform about different ways to move your bump and other helpful pre and post-pregnancy tips and tricks! If you’re looking to hold yourself accountable, check out her pre and post-natal app at

Instagram is a wonderful place for interactive and fun ways to learn about the pregnancy journey, from preconception to postpartum. Do you have questions about finding more information or resources for new and expecting moms? Schedule an appointment with Holly Springs Pediatrics today! We strive to provide high-quality, one on one health care both in the treatment and education of your child. Visit our website to book an appointment, or call (919) 249-4700 to talk to a staff member.