School / Yearly Exams

Before your child attends school or a camp or participates in a sport, a physical exam is often required to ensure he or she can safely participate in the activity without harming themselves or others.

Your child’s annual well visit within one year prior to beginning a sport may satisfy your school’s requirement for a sports physical. However, some schools or extracurricular organizations may require that a physical be completed within 60 or 90 days prior to beginning that sport or activity.

At Holly Springs Pediatrics, your child’s school or yearly physical exam will be conducted quickly and efficiently in the convenience of our office.

These exams may include the following:

  • Review of child’s medical history
  • Review of the family’s medical history
  • Physical exam
  • Vaccinations, as needed

Schedule an Appointment

In some cases, a school or yearly physical can be completed at the same time as your child’s annual wellness visit. Please remember to bring any forms that must be completed to your child’s appointment, as we cannot guarantee we have access to these forms in our office. Keep in mind that not all school and sports physicals are covered by insurance, so if you have concerns about copayments or payments that will be due at the time of your visit please contact your insurance provider beforehand.

If your child is a current patient, you can request an appointment via our patient portal. New patients can request an appointment online or call 919-249-4700.