5 Activities To Get Your Child Outside

July 15, 2022

There once was a world before boundless technology, when Amazon was just a river, and you played Scrabble, not Words With Friends. Since those days, numerous technological advancements have increased our access to digital media and changed how we view entertainment. However, this increased access should not diminish the opportunity to spend time with your child in the great outdoors. 

5 Fun Activities To Get Your Child Outside

In this digital media age, with the app store and endless hours of online entertainment, it may feel next to impossible to get your child off their iPad and out in the world. Holly Spring Pediatrics understands just how vital it is to make sure your child is getting fresh air and vitamin D. Below are 5 activities to get your child outside and having fun. 

Backyard Campsite

What better way to get fresh air than to breathe it all night? Backyard camping with your children is a great stress-free way to get outdoors while simultaneously staying unplugged. Before bringing the idea to your kids, try having a plan in place. The first thing to consider is sleeping arrangements. You can pitch a tent, or as part of the fun, you and your child can build your own! The next consideration is cooking and eating. One of the best parts of camping is open fire s’mores. If you have a fire pit, all you need are graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate!  The beauty of backyard camping is you’re close enough to home for anything you may need, and you don’t have to use an outhouse! 

Lemonade Stand

Another great way to spend time with your children is to set up a lemonade stand. Today’s Parent offers excellent tips for a successful lemonade stand:

  • Assure you have a good location, such as a park, or a city corner
  • Prior to the lemonade stand, set up posters to get the word out 
  • Upsell the customers by offering other treats such as cookies or brownies

An additional benefit to having a lemonade stand is picking a charity or nonprofit of the child’s choice to donate half of the earnings to. Some great charities that appeal to children include local animal shelters, World Wildlife Fund, A Million Thanks, The Dreaming Zebra Foundation, and many more. 

Host A Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is fun for all involved, helps build critical thinking skills, and makes special memories. The first step is to find a theme. For the purpose of getting your children outside, a nature scavenger hunt is the way to go. You will want to compile a list of items to find and add some clues. For a nature scavenger hunt, you can find items beforehand and place them or pick items you know will be in your backyard. Try having some things on your list such as a clover, a feather, a pine cone, a rough rock, a smooth rock, an acorn, and different colored flowers. 

Grab A Bucket Of Sidewalk Chalk

A bucket of sidewalk chalk is another idea to get your child excited to play outside. There are so many different chalk activities, such as:

  • Classic hopscotch 
  • Build a maze
  • Trace your shadow
  • Four square
  • Creative doodling

On top of being a great outdoor pastime, chalk games also help essential skills to develop, such as general balance, coordination, running, and creativity. Check out this Crayola 25 Count Washable Sidewalk Chalk for your next chalk escapade. 

Organizing activities that get your child active and outside can be simple. Are you struggling with getting your child to detach from technology? Holly Springs Pediatrics understands and is here to help you through this generational shift. Check out our website or give us a call at (919) 249-4700 for more information.