Healthy Meals for Kids to Avoid a Summer Rut

July 17, 2020

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Just like the weather, it’s not uncommon for kids’ appetites to change with the seasons. Whether you’ve noticed your children wanting to snack and graze all day or have a hard time getting them to come inside long enough to eat lunch, it’s important to provide them with the nutrients they need to remain healthy all summer long. 

Here are some of our favorite healthy meals for kids that are perfect for summertime! 

Mini Zucchini Pizzas

mini zucchini pizzas from Taste of Home

A healthy twist on a classic childhood favorite! You’ll find zucchini in every grocery store this summer. This veggie is loaded with potassium, folate, fiber, and vitamins A and C and makes a great substitute for pizza dough. Top zucchini with a bit of tomato sauce and cheese and treat your kids to mini zucchini pizzas. View the full recipe on

Fiesta Pinwheels

fiesta pinwheels from Taste of Home

If your kids like Mexican food, you can’t go wrong with fiesta pinwheels. The best part? They’re a breeze to prepare. Simply mix up some low-fat cream cheese, salsa, cheddar cheese, green onion and garlic. Spread the mixture onto whole wheat tortillas, roll them up, and cut into one-inch sections. For added protein, mix in some shredded chicken. View the full recipe on

Mini Bell Pepper Loaded Turkey “Nachos”

mini bell pepper turkey nachos from skinny taste

It’s highly likely that your kids enjoy nachos. Instead of reaching for the chips, try swapping them different colored peppers and adding turkey, cheese, salsa, guacamole, and other favorite nacho toppings. Jalapenos optional of course. View the full recipe on

Strawberry Spinach Salad

strawberry spinach salad from KidStir

The summer is the perfect time to introduce your kids to unique, fruit-filled salads. Pair fresh strawberries with a bit of lettuce or spinach, grilled chicken or fish, and almonds to create a nutrient-rich strawberry salad. If you’d like, serve the salad with a sweet poppy seed dressing. View the full recipe on

Quick and Crunchy Lettuce Wraps

quick and crunchy lettuce wraps from  super healthy kids

Quick and crunchy lettuce wraps can be easily prepared with just one pot. Cook up some ground turkey and toss in whatever diced vegetables you probably already have on hand like bell peppers and mushrooms. Mix in a little soy sauce and spoon the mixture onto beautiful butter lettuce leaves. View the full recipe on

Turkey Pitas

turkey pitas from my food and family

Pita bread was made for tasty sandwich stuffers like these—smoked turkey breast, tomatoes, cucumbers and creamy ranch dressing. Fast. Easy. Delicious! Don’t have these ingredients on hand? Use whatever you have. Swap the turkey for leftover rotisserie chicken, replace the cucumbers with pickles, or add in a handful of lettuce or spinach. The options are endless. View the full recipe on

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